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How to Install Garage Door Opener

Protection Safety Measures

There are few fundamental sorts of garage door openers: 1) chain steered, 2) belt steered, and 3) screw driven. This file covers installment for a chain drive opener. The most vital consideration when installing a garage door opener is safety. Kindly adhere to the precautions before installment:

1) Make certain your garage door is well lubricated and working appropriately. The weight of a garage door is assisted by the door springs, cables, and pulleys-not the opener. If you cannot raise and decrease the door normally by hand, do not install the opener till the door is repaired.

2) Never change or remove the door’s spring seasons, cable televisions, or pulleys. Doors with torsion springs (a solitary coil above the door) ought to only be serviced by certified solution specialists.

3) Remove all ropes or cords affixed to the garage door so you will not obtain knotted in them throughout installment.

4) Deactivate or remove all alreadying existing garage door locks, so they will not unintentionally engage and either damages the opener or cause personal injury.

5) Do not use rings, watches or loosened garments while installing or servicing a garage door or opener.

6) Reinforce lightweight fiberglass or metal garage doors before setting up an opener to prevent damages to the door and cover that the security opposite system will work appropriately.

During Installation Of Your Brand New Garage Door Opener

1) Install the power system high sufficient that tall people will not face it-at least 7′ from the flooring if possible.
2) Garage door openers have a hand-operated separate cable; it in cases be adapted to roughly 6′ from the floor so any adult could reach it.
3) If you have to set up long-term electrical wiring, always disconnect the power at the major breaker box prior to attempting to wire connections. Constantly link the power wire of the garage door opener to an effectively grounded electrical outlet to avoid electrical shock.
4) Install the push button control 5′ from the floor so kids can not reach it and in an area where anyone operating it could conveniently think of the garage door.
5) Always adjust the security reverse system and the electric eye system correctly. Describe your opener manufacturer’s guidelines for information.
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